Oils, Fluids, Greases and Waxes


The V-Lube range of oils offer good thermal stability and oxidation resistance and have been selected for use with the Stokes range of vacuum pumps.

Edwards ULTRAGRADE™ Performance Oil

Edwards offers a range of new oils, ULTRAGRADE™ Performance 15, 19, 20 and 70, which result from a new process. Most manufacturers use a solvent refining process, whereas these oils are produced by a unique hydrotreating process. This process eliminates nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen and the aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock essentially free of impurities.

When combined with additives, the ULTRAGRADE™ Performance oils give improved vacuum performance, thermal and oxidation stability and rust inhibition. The anti-oxidants included in the oils enable the pump to withstand high operating temperatures without oil degradation, so extending intervals between oil changes.

The properties of the oils allow them to be used in a wide range of applications. New ULTRAGRADE™ Performance oils are the best choice for large pumps used in heavy-duty, cycling applications. Contact Edwards or your local supplier for detailed recommendations.

Perfluoropolyether Oils

Edwards now offers an extended range of Fomblin® and Krytox®, perfluoropolyether oils for use in rotary vacuum pumps. Fomblin® YVAC 06/6 and Krytox® 1506 are recommended for Edwards oil sealed rotary pumps and are practically a direct replacement for mineral oil in terms of viscosity and vapor pressure. Krytox® 1525 is suitable for use in rotary pumps requiring a viscosity equivalent to Fomblin® Y25 fluid. Fomblin® Y16/6 and Krytox® 1514 are recommended for use in perfluoropolyether adapted mechanical booster pumps.

Edwards, in conjunction with its supply partner, has developed Drynert fluid which contains anti-rust and anti-wear additives soluble in Fomblin®. These additives cover metallic surfaces with a protective, corrosion resistant film

Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids

These synthetic fluids are organo-silicon oxide polymers and have exceptional chemical stability both at high temperature and when in contact with most gases and vapours. They provide a range of general purpose fluids for ultimate vacuum from about 10-5 to 10-9 mbar, and are particularly useful in industrial processing applications due to their exceptional ruggedness. High throughputs of air, water vapour and corrosive gases can be pumped without fluid degradation. The fluids can withstand repeated admission of atmospheric air while at operating temperature and are widely used in valveless quick-cycle pumping processes. They have low toxicity and good resistance to gamma radiation.

Fluid breakdown products (due to bombardment and so on) tend to be electrically insulating and so we do not recommend these fluids for physical electronic applications such as mass spectrometers and surface analysis systems. The fluids are indifferent lubricants. Their decomposition is catalysed by traces of alkali metals (for example, caesium) and their use should be avoided where possible

Santovac 5 Diffusion Pump Fluid

This synthetic fluid is a polyphenyl ether developed from fluids originally produced as lubricants for space vehicles. It has exceptionally low vapor pressure, exceptional thermal stability and a tendency to wet surfaces less readily and "creep" to a lesser extent than is common with most fluids. The fluid is employed for the cleanest high vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications down to less than 10-9 mbar (for example, electron microscopes, mass spectrometers and surface physics studies) where its excellent high vacuum performance and low tendency to migrate into the pump system particularly recommend it. The fluid is chemically stable, non-corrosive, safe and non-toxic at normal operating temperatures. Fluid breakdown products (due to bombardment and so forth) tend to be electrically conducting. Lubricating qualities are good and the fluid finds application to lubricate mechanisms in vacuum systems.

Edwards 45 Oil

Edwards 45 is a hydrocarbon synthetic polymer whose molecular structure offers chemical inertness, high temperature stability and low vapor pressure (<10-7 mbar at 25ºC). It is commonly used in mass spectrometry applications because of its well defined peaks. Edwards 45 oil is non-toxic, non-corrosive and reclaimable.

Edwards TW Mineral Oil

Edwards TW has been developed for applications where rotary pump oils are likely to be exposed to reactive or corrosive gases. The oil is distilled hydrocarbon containing no additives, but unsaturates and aromatic links have been removed. The result is that the oil will last up to 20 times longer, depending on process, than refined mineral oils. Longer oil life significantly extends the intervals between oil changes.

Fomblin® Grease

This grease is an excellent lubricant for sliding elastomer seals, and exhibits the chemical inertness typical of the Fomblin® range.

It has a very low vapor pressure and is suitable for use in the presence of gaseous and liquid oxygen under severe conditions.

The general purpose AR555 grease offered by Edwards has the basic properties of Fomblin®, but the vapor pressure is not specifically controlled. The vapor pressure is <10-7 mbar at 20°C

Apiezon Greases

A range of Apiezon® greases is offered for use on high vacuum systems and for many general applications in the laboratory. These high purity greases are non-toxic, easy to apply, easy to clean off and have long shelf lives.

waxes and sealing compounds

Apiezon® wax W is a low vapor pressure wax for sealing joints in high vacuum systems. This wax softens at 80-90°C and has a vapor pressure at 80°C of 10-3 mbar and at 20°C of 10-8 mbar.

Apiezon® wax W40 is similar to type W, but has a lower softening point which makes it very suitable for flow sealing in or around vacuum joints. It is not recommended for use at temperatures above 30°C. It has a vapor pressure at 20°C of 10-7 mbar.

Apiezon® sealing compound Q remains firm for temperatures up to 30°C, but is sufficiently pliable to permit easy moulding into position. It is an excellent material for shielding or blanking off sections of apparatus. The compound is easily applied and can be readily removed. It has a vapor pressure at 20°C of 10-4 mbar.

Silicone Grease

A high vacuum grade grease, which is for use at system pressures lower than 10-6 mbar.

Krytox Grease

Krytox® fluorinated greases are a family of multipurpose lubricants intended for use in speciality applications at elevated temperatures or in aggressive environments.

Vacuum Fluid & Vacuum Fluid Ultra

Edwards Vacuum fluid is a synthetic PAO oil desgined for normal applications. Edwards Vacuum fluid Ultra is a synthetic PAG oil designed for demanding applications.

Vapour Booster Pump Fluid 201

Vapour Booster Pump Fluid 201 is specifically formulated for fast pumping speed and low ultimate pressure. Field testing has shown this fluid gives improved performance, better boiler temperature and high critical backing pressure. Excellent fluidity permits easy filling and draining that makes maintenance easier, cleaner and faster. 

Ultragrade® KINETIC 150 & 220

Ultragrade KINETIC synthetic hydrocarbon oils are designed to give longer life of embedded wear parts and energy saving. This stabilised oil is offered in two formulas, 150 and 220, which cover almost all drive applications. Testing has proven that Ultragrade KINETIC oils reduce power consumption and noise levels when compared against other leading synthetic hydrocarbon oils. Ultragrade KINETIC oils offer total efficiency for gears and seals in vacuum pumps.

Ultragrade® EXTEND 110

Ultragrade EXTEND 110 is synthetic di-ester based lubricant. Designed to provide long-term lubrication with excellent oxidative and thermal stability.