ADC/TAG Controllers

The Edwards Active Digital Controller (ADC) is a compact single gauge controller and display. It features a bright LED display and simple push-button controls. The ADC automatically recognizes compatible Edwards gauges, loads the appropriate look-up table and displays the pressure in commonly used vacuum units.
The ADC is available in standard and enhanced versions. The standard controller displays the pressure measured by a single active gauge. The enhanced controller supports two gauges, is equipped with two variable hysteresis set-points which are linked to 48V dc 1A changeover relays, and two 0-10V dc analog outputs. An RS232 interface is also available on the enhanced version.

The TAG (Turbo & Active Gauge) controller is a small, compact, low cost pumping system Controller, which is suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications. It is a 24V controller that is compatible with all Edwards DX and nEXT turbopumps. It contains no power source and thus you either need to supply your own power or buy the optional power supply. In addition to a turbopump it can control a backing pump, a vent valve, an air cooler and an Edwards active gauge.

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TAG Turbo and active gauge controller