Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids

These synthetic fluids are organo-silicon oxide polymers and have exceptional chemical stability both at high temperature and when in contact with most gases and vapours. They provide a range of general purpose fluids for ultimate vacuum from about 10-5 to 10-9 mbar, and are particularly useful in industrial processing applications due to their exceptional ruggedness. High throughputs of air, water vapour and corrosive gases can be pumped without fluid degradation. The fluids can withstand repeated admission of atmospheric air while at operating temperature and are widely used in valveless quick-cycle pumping processes. They have low toxicity and good resistance to gamma radiation.

Fluid breakdown products (due to bombardment and so on) tend to be electrically insulating and so we do not recommend these fluids for physical electronic applications such as mass spectrometers and surface analysis systems. The fluids are indifferent lubricants. Their decomposition is catalysed by traces of alkali metals (for example, caesium) and their use should be avoided where possible