waxes and sealing compounds

Apiezon® wax W is a low vapor pressure wax for sealing joints in high vacuum systems. This wax softens at 80-90°C and has a vapor pressure at 80°C of 10-3 mbar and at 20°C of 10-8 mbar.

Apiezon® wax W40 is similar to type W, but has a lower softening point which makes it very suitable for flow sealing in or around vacuum joints. It is not recommended for use at temperatures above 30°C. It has a vapor pressure at 20°C of 10-7 mbar.

Apiezon® sealing compound Q remains firm for temperatures up to 30°C, but is sufficiently pliable to permit easy moulding into position. It is an excellent material for shielding or blanking off sections of apparatus. The compound is easily applied and can be readily removed. It has a vapor pressure at 20°C of 10-4 mbar.

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Apiezon® Q sealing compound

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Apiezon® W wax

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