lr1a200 - LR1A200 Liquid Ring Pump

LR1A200 Liquid Ring Pump



Edwards offers a full range of liquid ring pumps. The LR1A200 provides a single-stage design and curved blade impellor with reinforcing rings for improved ruggedness, reducing noise and vibration.
All of our liquid ring pumps handle wet or dry gases, with high tolerance to liquid carry over. The LR1A Series has an enhanced bearing design enabling reduced internal clearances for improved efficiency. Pumps are available in cast iron and 316 stainless steel construction as standard with other materials and corrosion resistant coatings available.

The LR1A200 is a bare-shaft machine and can be supplied as part of a standard package, incorporating electric motor, base-plate and seal liquid recovery system, suitable for once through, partial or total recirculation. Custom engineered packages are also available, please contact your local office for more complex process system requirements.


  • The LR1A200 is ideal for filtration, vacuum forming, general industrial and chemical and petrochemical applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Optional central partition enabling dual vacuum duty operation
  • Variable area discharge port for optimum performance at all inlet pressures
  • Packed gland, single and double mechanical seal options
  • Split packing gland design to facilitate repacking
  • Internal and external seal flushing options
  • Internal recirculation option to reduce service liquid flow rate
  • Optional inlet manifold and top-mounted separator to reduce footprint

Technical Data

  50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal capacity (saturated) 170 m3h-1 200 m3h-1

100 CFM 120 CFM
Suction pressure 33 mbar 33 mbar

25 Torr 25 Torr
Nominal speed 1450 rpm 1750 rpm
Nominal motor power 5.5 kW 7.5 kW

7.5 HP 10 HP



A (keyway) B C D E F G
mm 38 58 146 206 639 645 180
Inch 1.50 2.28 5.75 8.11 25.16 25.39 7.09

mm 220 275 464 105 105 4 holes Ø 15
Inch 8.66 10.83 18.27 4.13 4.13 0.59

1. DN65 / PN10 

     2. DN50 / PN10 

     3. Outlet 

     4. Inlet

*Flanges available in both DIN and ANSI standards