a80170000 - SHR22500 Cast Iron

SHR22500 Cast Iron



Within Edwards’ full range of liquid ring vacuum pumps, the SHR series offers a two-stage construction for peak performance at low suction pressures. Liquid ring pumps are ideal for pumping either dry or wet gases, with a high tolerance to liquid carry over.
Pumps can be supplied as bareshaft or as part of a package complete with drive motor, discharge separator, heat exchanger and other accessories for recirculation of the seal liquid.
This model is the SHR22500 Cast Iron material variant.


  • The SHR22500 is ideally suited to condenser air extraction in the power industry and can also be utilised in many other vacuum applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Two stage design - peak efficiency at high vacuum
  • Operates across entire vacuum range
  • Mechanical shaft seals
  • Choice of construction materials
  • Rugged, robust construction
  • Externally mounted bearings

Technical Data

50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal capacity 4510 m3h-1 4900 m3h-1
Suction pressure 30 mbara 30 mbara
Nominal speed 585 rpm 650 rpm
Nominal motor power 132 kW 150 kW
Weight 2635 kg 2635 kg

Materials of construction
Casing Cast Iron
Body Cast Iron
Impeller SG Iron
Shaft 420S37
Seals Mechanical