a80135000 - SHR21200 Stainless Steel Fitted

SHR21200 Stainless Steel Fitted



Within Edwards’ full range of liquid ring vacuum pumps, the SHR series offers a two-stage construction for peak performance at low suction pressures. Liquid ring pumps are ideal for pumping either dry or wet gases, with a high tolerance to liquid carry over.
Pumps can be supplied as bareshaft or as part of a package complete with drive motor, discharge separator, heat exchanger and other accessories for recirculation of the seal liquid.
This model is the SHR21200 Stainless Steel Fitted material variant.


  • The SHR21200 is ideally suited to condenser air extraction in the power industry and can also be utilised in many other vacuum applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Two stage design - peak efficiency at high vacuum
  • Operates across entire vacuum range
  • Mechanical shaft seals
  • Choice of construction materials
  • Rugged, robust construction
  • Externally mounted bearings

Technical Data

50 Hz 60 Hz
Nominal capacity 1960 m3/h 2240 m3/h
Suction pressure 30 mbara 30 mbara
Nominal speed 735 rpm 880 rpm
Nominal motor power 75 kW 90 kW
Weight 1180 kg

Materials of construction

CasingCast Iron
BodyCast Iron