a31101985 - HV8000IND VF bareshaft

HV8000IND VF bareshaft



The Edwards HV8000 high vacuum mechanical booster has been developed to provide
high reliability operation in aggressive environments. With a nominal pumping speed of 7200 m3h-1 (4241 ft3 min-1) at 50Hz, it is ideal for large industrial and chemical applications.

Features and Benefits

·  Stable process for consistent output - suitable for continuous operation over wide pressure ranges on heavy duty large scale applications
·  No unplanned downtime - high performance water cooled mechanical shaft seal, large diameter shaft and large helical gears
·  Easy integration and safe - optional water cooled exhaust gas after cooler, shaft seal safety purge, temperature monitoring and VFD available
·  Configured to your needs - can be supplied with standard motor or without motor to allow a local motor to be fitted. Horizontal or vertical flow to suit application and system design

Technical Data

Displacement (swept volume) (50Hz) 7200 m3h-1 / 4241 ft3min-1
Displacement (swept volume) (60Hz) 8640 m3h-1 / 5089 ft3min-1
Max rotation speed (50Hz) 3000 rpm
Max rotation speed (60Hz) 3600 rpm
Max pressure differential (50Hz) 190 mbar / 143 Torr
Max pressure differential (60Hz) 120 mbar / 90 Torr
Ultimate (depends on backing set) (50Hz) 1.5 x 10-4 mbar / 1 x 10-4 Torr
Ultimate (depends on backing set) (60Hz) 2 x 10-4 mbar / 1.5 x 10-4 Torr
Electrical supply voltage (50Hz) 380-415V, 3-ph
Electrical supply voltage (60Hz) 440-460V, 3-ph
Standard motor power (50Hz) 15 kW / 20 hp
Standard motor power (60Hz) 18.5 kW / 25 hp
Standard backing set speed requirements On application
Recommended oil Mobile SHC 629
Max oil capacity (vertical gas flow config) 8.3 liter / 2.18 US gal
Inlet/outlet connection 10 inch class 150 ASME B16.5
Inlet/outlet cooling water connection Rp 1/2 inch ISO 7-1 (1/2 inch BSP)
End cover purge gas inlet Rp 3/8 inch ISO 7-1 (3/8 inch BSP)
Max cooling water supply pressure 4 bar / 58 psi
Max cooling water supply temp 35°C / 95°F
Cooling water flow rate 15 l min-1 / 3.96 US gal min-1
Noise level 82 dB(A)
Weight (without motor) 580 kg / 1279 lb
Weight (with standard motor) 720 kg / 1587 lb


In their most efficient range mechanical booster pumps (3) cover the gap between oil vapour diffusion pumps (1), Oil vapour booster pumps (2) and rotary or dry primary pump (4)

HV8000 pumps tend to be used in large pumping systems rather than simple combinations


Horizontal Flow
Vertical Flow
kit001376 - KIT HV8000 PUMP – 1 YR SERVICE


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