spectra-g - Spectra-G




The Spectra-G is a cost-effective, high performance exhaust treatment solution for nitride MOCVD manufacturing.


4 Stage Combustion
The unique 4-stage combustion system of the Spectra-G ensures that oxidation of silane occurs in the middle of the combustion zone, away from the inlets, hence preventing the deposition of oxide powders on the combustor nozzles and maximizing uptime.
Effective Powder Handling System
The oxide powders generated by the combustion of metalorganics are entrapped in the cooling air stream that is introduced in the Spectra-G at a velocity of 10 m/sec.
Air flow is generated by the house extraction system. This air-cooled design ensures that combustion by-products are efficiently transported from the Spectra-G to the factory central scrubber or dust filter.
Optimum Combustion
Nitride MOCVD processes involve the use of high H2 and NH3 flows. The Spectra-G utilizes the inherent flammability of these gases to minimize the additional fuel required to complete the gas abatement reactions (oxidation). Different fuel types are available to suit customer requirements.
The high gas capacity of the Spectra-G allows up to six production MOCVD tools to be connected. Each individual inlet allows each exhaust to act independently, thereby reducing capital and running costs.
Gas Input (slm) Exhaust
H2 320 < 0.2%
NH3 160 3 ppm
NO < 25 ppm
NO2 2 ppm

User Friendly System
  • Ease of use - The Spectra-G is configured, monitored and controlled via a large touch-screen display. Four gauges display the fuel gas and extraction pressures.
  • Component Accessibility - Designed for fast maintenance - all electrical components are accessible from the front of the Spectra-G and all mechanical components are easily accessible from the left side of the system.
  • Easy communication - The PLC and built-in computer of the Spectra-G allow easy communication with the vacuum pumps, the process tool and the factory monitoring system.


The Spectra-G can incorporate up to six independent inlet ports. The independent inlet ports ensure that premixing of incompatible gases does not take place upstream of the burner. This means that simultaneous input of incompatible gases can be treated by a single Spectra-G through different inlets.
spectra-g - Spectra-G



Features and Benefits

  • High Abatement Performance
    • Capable of treating all exhaust gases from multiple MOCVD production tools
    • Unique combustion technology allows abatement of NH3 while minimizing NOx emissions
  • Proven Superior Reliability
    • Excellent powder handling for high throughput applications
    • High uptime as proven in leading nitride MOCVD production operations
    • Proven on all leading OEM’s applications
  • Risk Management
    • Combustion of all flammable gases
    • Air-cooled design as standard
  • Low Cost of Ownership
    • Minimum fuel gas consumption for full process gas abatement
    • Up to six process inlets
    • Alternative fuel options
    • No water or oxygen requirement
    • Low power consumption
    • Low nitrogen consumption
    • 800 slm capacity
    • Indoor or outdoor installations

Technical Data

Maximum gas flow rate 800 slm
Number of inlet ports 1 to 6
Electrical supply 200-208 VAC 3-phase
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 4 kW
Nitrogen supply pressure 7 bar
Fuel gas supply pressure 137 mbar (2 psi)
Extract flow rate 60 Nm 3/min
Mass 850 Kg