a59042908 - iH1800HTX Dry Pump 460V, 60 Hz 3Ø

iH1800HTX Dry Pump 460V, 60 Hz 3Ø



Edwards advanced semiconductor vacuum pumps have been field-proven to perform to the highest operating standards. Reliability and high performance are achieved by extending service life, improving uptime and increasing productivity, while minimizing footprint and cost of ownership. 
The iH1800HTX is specifically designed for processes such as 300 mm LPCVD Nitride, where higher operating temperatures are required to prevent process gas condensation.


The iH system operates at pressures between atmospheric and ultimate vacuum with no lubricating or sealing fluid in the pumping chamber. This ensures a clean pumping system without back-migration of oil into the system being evacuated. 
The iH1800 system has an HCDP160 dry pump with an HMB1800 mechanical booster pump fitted to the inlet of the HCDP160 pump. Both the HCDP and HMB pumps have enclosed, water-cooled motors. The iH system is therefore suitable for applications in clean environments where fan cooling of motors is unacceptable.
The iH system has a gas system which introduces purge gas into the HCDP pump. This gas system is suitable for use on harsh duty processes. If you use the iH system on light or medium duty processes, you can use the economiser gas mode to reduce the consumption of purge nitrogen by the pumping system.
You can manually control the iH system through the Pump Display Terminal. Alternatively, you can use your process tool or other control equipment to control the operation of the iH system through an Interface Module accessory, or through an iH Communications Module accessory, or you can use the iH Single Pumpset Monitor accessory to control the operation of the iH system.
The iH HTX variants feature increased operating temperatures, gas purge capacity and exhaust diameter to reduce condensation of process gases in the pump. In addition, they also feature an exhaust Thermal Management System (TMS) and the option for a heated exhaust purge.


  • Load Lock
  • Transfer
  • Metrology
  • Lithography
  • PVD Process
  • PVD Pre-clean
  • RTA
  • Strip/Ashing
  • Etching
  • Implant Source
  • RTP
  • MCVD
  • ALD

Contact Edwards for advise on the suitability of the iH system for any particular application.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimized utilities consumption.
  • No preventative maintenance required.
  • Cantilevered shafts and specially profiled rotors for better handling of particles.
  • Reserve motor power also maximizes reliability on harsh-duty CVD applications.
  • Corrosion resistant materials allow pumping of corrosive gases.
  • Higher operating temperatures provide ample margin to prevent gas condensation.
  • The one-piece shaft eliminates the need for a motor coupling and a fifth pumping stage removes the need for a silencer and eliminates particle accumulation, both reducing the overall footprint.

Technical Data

Peak Speed 1800 m3h-1
1060 cfm
30000 l min-1
Ultimate Vacuum 1 x 10-3 mbar
7.5 x 10-4 Torr
0.1 Pa
Typical shaft seal nitrogen flow 4 slm
Inlet Connection ISO160
Outlet Connection NW40
Typical cooling water flow at 15 psi pressure drop 240 l h-1
4 l min-1
Weight 502 kg
Power input at ultimate 4.1 kW
Rated motor power 7.0 kW
Oil Capacity 1.6 l

All figures are typical without gas ballast.



1 Inlet
2 Outlet
3 Air Extraction Port
4 Inverter Box (iH1000 Only)